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The next meeting will be Monday, February 3rd at 7:30PM, at Robert Frost Elementary School Library.

Board Meeting Dates

Mark your calendars! Board Meetings are generally held the first Monday of the month at 7:30 PM. Most Board meetings are held at Robert Frost Elementary School Library unless otherwise noted. All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Welcome to the High Woodlands Homeowners Association Website

City of Kirkland Proposed Pedestrian Trail

Last month the Association received a notice from the City of Kirkland about a proposed project for our neighborhood -- to create and build a PUBLIC Access path from the Kingsgate Park (by Robert Frost) through the woods, and then through our park right by the swimming pool and tennis courts, and end at the far north part of our property off of NE 149th and 150th Streets. Details can be found at:


You can see that Trail P56 has the potential to bring significant numbers of people directly into our park, with the associated problems of petty crime and transients. In addition, we have just invested heavily in new playground equipment for our members' use, not for public trail users passing right by it.

In light of this concern, Dave Lee and Jim Eagan testified at a recent meeting of the City’s Planning Commission, and have had subsequent discussions with City staff. Staff has now recommended to not extend the trail north beyond the point it will go under I-405 in the area of the creek in the ravine. (Trail P56-3)

The entire connections plan will go before the City Council on November 19. While we are hopeful that the staff recommendations regarding trail P56 are in the plan that goes to the Council, we may not know until November 15. We would urge you to write to the Council asking them not to adopt any plan that has trail P56 going through the High Woodlands Homeowners Association private park. Council members can be contacted at:



Even if the northern section of the path is eliminated, our concern remains about a path coming from the Kingsgate Park (P56) to the south and from the I-405 underpass (P56.3) to the west. Both corridors would funnel the public right through our private park without some type of fencing.

Playground Update

Phase I has been successfully completed with the expanded foot print, new swing set and additional certified safety bark. This was undertaken to bring this area up to current safety standards as well as provide room for more play structures to accommodate the growing demand in our community by the many new families with school age children who are selecting to relocate to this area.

Phase II is now underway and will include a new combination play structure. This will be added to the open area just east of the new swing set. It is named “Holiday Hill” and is designed for 2 – 5 year olds. The current installation date, weather permitting, is November 22. We will keep you updated if there are any schedule changes. For now be sure and check out the park that weekend and be prepared to enjoy it.

One remaining upgrade to this area is to replace 34 existing border timbers with newer upgraded versions to match those installed in the expansion portion. They have been ordered and should arrive soon. Let us know if you are interested in assisting us with this.

Phase III involves the one remaining open area that we are hoping to add additional equipment to next year and complete this popular project. If you have any ideas or suggestions on use of this area, contact the playground committee via Allison Griesel at allisongriesel@yahoo.com or email Board member Ken Vogt.

Suspicious Activity

Our park, ravine, and wooded areas can occasionally draw individuals intent on illegal activity, particularly at night. The Association has a signed Criminal Trespass Order on file with the Kirkland Police that allows them to arrest individuals not authorized to be on our common property. If you observe something out of the ordinary, please call 911 (or non-emergency 425-577-5656). We appreciate your help.


We once again remind you that our streets have a 25mph limit. Please be mindful especially of children who are unpredictable. Some homeowners have been contacting the Kirkland Police asking for more enforcement. If you are concerned, please contact the police through their non-emergency number (425-577-5656). Or email them at: police@kirklandwa.gov

Parking on Street is Limited to 24 Hours

Please be aware that according to the Kirkland Municipal Code, a vehicle (including a boat, car, and RV) can park no longer than 24 hours on a residential street. We now and then get complaints about this. To report a violation, call the Kirkland Police Department at (425) 587-3400 (non-emergency line) or submit an online Complaint Investigation Request at: City of Kirkland Code Enforcement

From our experience, the police do issue tickets which can be pricey. Please make alternate parking arrangements if you need to keep a vehicle long term at your residence.

Bobcat Sighting

There was a report recently of a bobcat in the vicinity of NE 144th. According to the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife, bobcats are more common than most people realize. Bobcats appear to be using suburban settings more often, although due to their reclusive ways, they are not often seen. Because of this elusive nature and caution around humans, we normally do not see them around. In areas occupied by humans, these cats typically limit their activity to night hours.

This is a good reason to not leave pet food outside and to make sure your garbage cans are secure. And do not let small pets out at night.

Tennis Courts

They have been completely refurbished! The new surface makes for a very enjoyable game. Please come use it soon. We do ask that you and your children refrain from riding bikes on the court.

Reminder — No Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning is not allowed at any time in the City of Kirkland. This includes yard waste, garbage, construction debris, trash, etc. The City does not restrict the use of barbecue grills or fire pits. This ban is effective at all times, not just during air quality alerts when the air is stagnant.

Hospitality Team

Are you passionate or interested in giving a friendly welcome to new neighbors in High Woodlands? Would you like to volunteer a small amount of your time for a high impact to making your neighborhood being an even more pleasant place? Please consider joining our Hospitality Team whose main role is to welcome new homeowners to our community. Contact Dulcy at dulcylinnea@gmail.com to help out!

High Woodlands is 50 Years Old!

2016 marks High Woodlands' 50th birthday! One of our neighbors, Dulcy, had the opportunity to hear memories and stories from an original homeowner. Her story is here. Please enjoy.

Electronic Delivery of the Newsletter

For those of you who wish to access our neighborhood newsletter electronically as soon as it is posted, you can receive an email message that it is available with a direct link to the newsletter on our website. We will also continue to deliver a paper copy of the newsletter to your door step. To subscribe, click on Newsletter. Then click on Subscribe. Type in your email address and click on "Submit Your Information". Then you will be sent an email with a link to confirm that you want to subscribe. Your email address is secure and will not be shared with anyone. You may also unsubscribe at any time.

Local Crime Information

It's extremely important to call the police if you see anything out of the ordinary. Be aware of people knocking on doors claiming to be lost or acting unusual. The Kirkland Police have recently made available crime mapping data where you can go online to see recent crimes in the neighborhood. Go to CrimeMapping.com, click on Washington State, then select Kirkland Police. This online tool allows you to be more aware of what type of crimes are occurring in the area. You can also customize your search by date, area, and crime type.

City of Kirkland E-Mail Alerts

Sign up to receive updates via email from the City of Kirkland, by subscribing at:


A solicitor from a company called EcoFirst Pest Control (http://www.ecofirstpestcontrol.com) has been bothering folks in the area. He ignores "No Soliciting" signs, and has been acting very rudely. Eco First Pest Control company does not have a City of Kirkland business license or solicitor license (they must have both). If you see them, please call 911 and say that there is an unlicensed solicitor who is acting rudely, and could they please send an officer to talk to the person. Be sure to note the solicitor's description, the address where you see them, and their direction of travel, if possible.

A person has been in the neighborhood claiming to be from ADT Security. He wears a jacket with ADT on it. The fact is ADT has told us that they NEVER employ door to door sales/marketing people. Its a scam and everyone needs to be cautious. It could be a rouse to see which houses have security systems. If they come to your house call ADT at 800-369-0996 to report the incident. You may also want to call the Sheriff's department.

Door-to-door solicitation is allowed in Kirkland City limits with a valid City-issued business license [and solicitor permit]. The City must be given dates and times of solicitation, company identification, and the names of the solicitors. To verify if a solicitor is licensed by the City, call the Licensing Division at (425) 587-3140.

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